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The Studio


The studio is transportable so Is perfect for corporate and social events.


The size of space required?

The studio, workspace and changing room take up a space 10m x 10m square x 2.3m tall, or 15m x 5m x 2.3m. This is the actual size, it would require at least 1m around for access . This would obviously suit a open plan space or large room. If it needs to go into a smaller space, it can be reconfigured, please contact me to discuss.




























I cater for events within the M25. If you are not far out of this, especially in the south please contact me.



How does it work?

When your client/guest arrives………

Your client/guest choose the set up that they would like from a number of choices. The sets will have different projections and props {, a detective office scene, phone booth or a poker scene are some examples} when they have made their scene choice they can look through a book of examples of poses and actions, and then they choose their outfits.


Dressing up………

I have a selection of coats, hats and accessories, for adults and children.


Is there somewhere to get changed?

Yes, there are four changing rooms, which can be easily adjusted for wheelchair access.


How long does the session last?

The photo session is about 10 minutes. Editing and printing are done by my assistants. 30 minutes should be allowed for going through from start to finish.


How many pictures do you take?

I take about 10 to 20 pictures. they look at them on the computer, and your client/guest chooses their favourite.


How many people can be in one picture?

A maximum of six



The print………


Turning it into a print……..

When your client/guest has chosen their favourite picture It is then turned into black and white, and edited. It can then be printed there and then.


What size are the prints?

Prints are A4, or if you wish to have a guest book, 2 A5 prints (one for your client /guest one for you)


Do you provide a guest book?

Yes you can have a guest book and an A5 print will be inserted and your client/guest can write a message if they wish.


Can you remove imperfections from the picture?

Yes, I can remove imperfections, and do a bit of skin softening!


Turning it into a cinema lobby card……….

If your client /guest would like their picture turned into a lobby card, they choose from a range of templates, they can then have their own name/s and their choice of film title. 


Bespoke film poster……..

The making of a film poster is not included in the package. If any of your clients/guests would like to commission one, this is a separate contract between myself and the client /guest, unless you would like to present a client / guest with this as a gift, then please contact me.





The package includes…….


    setting up

    myself as the photographer and my assistants             

    printing of A4 b&w prints and lobby cards or printing of A5 prints and a guest book


    lighting and projections 

    dressing up clothes

    taking down

    transport away.


Prices for an event start at £4,500 please contact me for a quote.








How do i book?

For booking and enquiries, please use the  contact form.






Is there a deposit?

Yes there is a 25% deposit required to reserve your event time slot.


When is the final balance due?

The total balance is due 7 days before the event.


Payment terms……

All payments must be paid in full and cleared prior to the set up for the event. Failure do so will mean we will not attend and you will lose your deposit


How do I pay?

I except, Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer or cash





Should you need to cancel….

Anytime up to 7 days before the event a full refund . Anytime between 7 days before and the date of the event you will forfeit your deposit plus any expenses incurred


If I need to cancel….

If I need to cancel, you will receive a full refund.



Are you insured?

Yes, I have full public and employers liability insurance




Who has copyright?

I retain the copyright to all the images. No unauthorised reproduction or distribution is permitted, unless permission is given in writing.


Copyright©2017Jacqui Hawking, all rights reserved


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